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Hi there! I'm Alecia, a well-traveled foodie passionate about all things beach and outdoor-related. I have a love for the finer things in life and appreciate the delicate details in everything I do. “Work hard, Play harder” is my favorite motto!

Welcome to our tranquil haven in the vibrant city of Cabo San Lucas.

I'm thrilled to welcome you into my little slice of paradise at Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa, where you’ll experience a vibrant and cultured atmosphere. An intensely inviting atmosphere, enveloped by the impeccable style and meticulous attention to detail that defines the resort. So, whether you're here for business or pleasure, I invite you to immerse yourself in the unique and stylish ambiance of my vacation home. I am confident that your stay will be an unforgettable and delightful experience, allowing you to relax, soak up the zest of life, and enjoy the finer things that make life truly special. I look forward to welcoming you soon!